BUSINESS TIP: Mind Your Business!

I recall a popular song in the 1970’s entitled “To Each His Own”; in the song they quoted the following phrase, “The best of business in the line of business is to mind your business, if you got no business then make it your business to leave other people’s business alone”. While remembering this phrase, I started thinking of it’s relevancy to the plight of many business owners in today’s world. I am speaking of those businessmen and women who spend the majority of their business development energy on trying to take away business from their competitors.

Yes, there is a time when one business can legitimately inherit business from another company. However, many focus on ways to strategically get the business to a fault and they end up sometimes crossing lines where their integrity can be questioned. I am urging you to “mind your business”. The best way to gain new business is to go through the proper channels which include networking, providing quality and competent services, and most of all positioning yourself for consideration by potential clients by focusing on how your business can provide the best services for them instead of blackballing your competitor. Trust me your clients can easily compare the quality of services you have to offer over the quality of their current contractors. Another way to gain the new business you desire is to possibly become a partner to your competitor and they can bring you in to assist them in servicing their client which will give you the business experience you need to someday perform the service on your own.

So “mind your business” and your business’s track record and excellent performance will speak for itself and will lead to new opportunities for your organization.  

Check out the first episode of our new Podcast Series titled Mind Your Business – Mind Your Business Podcast Presented by AW Enterprises.

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