Organizing Your Company

Organizing Your Company
Strategies for Small and New Start Up Businesses

Developing your company organization involves tapping into a variety of resources that you will need to put your company on an even playing field with the more seasoned or experienced businesses in your field.

Most new and small businesses cannot afford the overhead burden to hire the professionals necessary to cover all of the major functions required for effective and efficient business operations. When you think about what you will need consider the following:

Housekeepers – These are your corporate office support staff who take care of the day to day operations of your business which includes functions such as administrative support, human resources, finance, accounting, and payroll.

Hunters – The hunters are your marketing and business development staff who are out searching for new contracts and/or new work for your business. This will also include the staff needed for advertising your business through use of websites and the internet. They help to build business through networking and seeking new business relationships.

Farmers – After obtaining new work/contracts the farmers are your line managers and supervisors working on your current contracts. These individuals help keep your clients satisfied while working to grow your existing business with added services or products.

As your company grows and you can afford to add more full-time staff to each of these areas, your organization chart will expand adding different tiers to your staff or in other words as your pasture grows you will need more farmers, and field hands.

You may need to re-organize your company organization each time you win a new contract to ensure that you can properly manage the new work and guarantee your new client quality services and or products.

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